24 Years in Business

24 Years in Business

February 26, 2024

Code iT was established in 2000 to focus on providing a tailored, personal recruitment service, which is still the same today. One of our founding principles was to pay contractors within 7 days of receipt of invoice so that they can focus on their work for our clients rather than ever having to worry when they would receive payment – our linked recommendations are testament to this!


24 years on the as the business continues to grow and evolve, we recently thanked over 1000 candidates we placed into permanent and contracts roles who all contributed to our success. We are humbled to have had truly amazing responses.  The benefit of Recruitment Agencies and their expertise often goes unnoticed, however the importance of what we do was born out by the feedback we received.

There are examples of the role secured via Code iT being life changing leading to career progression, establishing lifelong friendships and in more than one instance meeting their life partner.


This feedback really backs up our ethos of understanding our client’s needs and sourcing candidates who are the right cultural fit as well as possessing the appropriate technical skills.


If you want to learn more about how we can help you, please contact amanda@codeitgroup.com


With permission a snapshot from a few of our contractors responses:


Suzie Alloway who we placed at FCA:

Hi Amanda

Congrats! That is an achievement for sure and no doubt seen many ups and many downs. 

Code IT got me my amazing role at FCA many years ago. I made lifelong friends at the FCA and had a wonderful experience there. Companies like yours are not just recruitment, but life changing events. 

I finished another great role last Sept, and now started looking for what’s next. If it’s ok with you, I will send over an updated cv. 


Ross Burton who we placed at Sony:.

Hi Amanda

It’s been a while!  Good to hear from you, funny enough I was just having a conversation 2 weeks ago about how ‘I got into IT’.

I had returned from travelling and applied for numerous entry level IT roles.  You contacted me about a Sony IT service desk / operations role and put me forward, despite having a lesser CV with no formal IT experience or qualifications, you coached me through the two stages of interview to an offer. I was with Sony for 5 years.

It’s great hearing that Code IT is still going strong.  Thanks for helping launch my success all those years ago, and if there is any cross-over I’d be glad to pass another CV to you, or do reach out for anything else I can help with.


James Shields who we placed at FCA:

Hi Amanda

Great to hear from you. After all these years I‘m still telling colleagues about how professional you were with me!

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